Thursday, December 8, 2016

WI puts up some road signs, after Walker budgetary lunacy, pettiness

The Frank Lloyd Wright Trail through Wisconsin is official, with road signs, and that's cool.
The Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, a self-guided tour of nine Wright-designed buildings in southern Wisconsin, was officially dedicated at a ceremony in Madison last Monday Dec. 5. 
The approximately 200-mile trail is marked by brown signs on highways and roads in nine counties.  
Frank Lloyd Wright portrait.jpg 

But...just for the record...let's remember that Scott Walker made it all harder to accomplish by vetoing from the last budget the signage funding - - a $50,000 pittance - - because it was included as a Wisconsin Department of Transportation expenditure - - and Walker didn't want the road-builders to miss even those relative pennies among billions intended for highway projects.

As I wrote earlier this year:
I noted in 2015 that Walker had used his line-item veto power to nix, among other things, a plan to have WisDOT post road signs directing people to various sites on what would have been called the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail. 
The trail runs through Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Jefferson, Dane, Iowa, Sauk and Richland counties. The state Department of Transportation will use $50,000 from the Department of Tourism to build signs along the trail directing travelers to specific Wright attractions...
See veto item #95 page 44 of his veto message
I wonder if some GOP operative worried that the expenditure by WisDOT was suddenly unconstitutional?

And I'll bet there was some staff time burned up at the public's expense in the Legislature, Walker's office and in both departments to authorize and move and get the funding switchero done so that WisDOT could put up the signs 'paid for' with Tourism dollars.

And these are the people who are running government like a business.

What business would that be? Rube Goldberg Machinery, Inc?

Also - - props to State Rep. Cory Mason, (D-Racine), for keeping his eye on the big picture and making sure this happened, despite Walker's robotically ideological and defiant pettiness.

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