Thursday, December 8, 2016

Vos adds perk to Assembly members worth up to $1,380

Wisconsin GOP Assembly Speaker and fiscal-conservative-in-name-only Robin Vos added another ten days of per diem expense payment eligibility to members of his house - - a move that could bring some Assembly members an additional $1,380 per year.
Vos robin.jpg
The last time I checked, these payments could be claimed by Assembly members as work-related, thus tax-free with added value, and are provided in an honor system. No receipts for Assembly members' gasoline, meals or overnight lodging are required, and the members' business at the State Capitol for which a reimbursable trip to Madison is made can be as brief as a stop at the office or attending a single meeting before returning home.

The State Senate Majority leader sets a separate per diem payment schedule.


Anonymous said...

I guess the budget is flush with cash again. But I BET THERE WILL HAVE TO BE CUTS TO PROGRAMS THAT AID IN THE WELL BEING OF WICONSIN's NEEDY.Old Vos has never been the same since he had the beer poured on his head. He now suffers from little man's syndrome in which he thinks he's "big" , "bold" and a leader. He's a dictator who abuse his power....nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Vos and the republiCONS need to gin up another crisis so that Walker can proclaim "We're broke" and sell off all the other valuable state assets that have make Wisconsin a good place to live and raise families.

UW-Madison (hell, the whole system), power plants, public buildings, eventually we will get private toll roads too (which is why they are already ginning up a road crisis).

Walker and crew is are a one-trick pony: Raid the public coffers with give-aways beyond avarice for multinational interests, while pocketing what you can while the thievin' is good. Then, proclaim Jim Doyle (or whoever) created the state's budget crisis and that austerity measures will be enforced on the masses.

And the middle class? Fergit about it!