Friday, December 9, 2016

And if and/or when he refuses to leave...

If it's proven through email records or other evidence that Donald Trump knew the Russians were working to tilt the Presidential election his way - - and, remember, he invited Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails - - he's got to be impeached, because that constitutional crisis is gonna make his business conflicts of interest look trivial.

The U.S. has identified individuals and groups who passed Democratic Party…


Anonymous said...

But tRump has taken in Reince Priebus the GOP bigwig and there is probably some type of deal to reward Scott Walker for getting behind him for November despite the primary #neverTrump crap.

If anyone believes the kochs are not behind this charade, they are not paying attention. Pence is a koch man 100% and is not the cross-eyed doofus that Walker is -- a much better solder for the koch agenda.

Here is an alternative take on why the Russia story may really mean and why the media all jumped on it during this week's news dump. We will see if the media, which withheld info until it would not be seen, sings in unison through the weekend about this. Here's another possibility:

* There will be a full media push, starting now and becoming crashingly loud by Sunday, to call the election results into question, particularly directed at getting several states to withhold their electoral votes;

* If they can succeed in getting 37 electoral votes taken away from Trump, NOBODY wins in the electoral college meetings on December 19. Even if it doesn't work, the election goes to the next Congress to either certify or decide between January 3 and January 20, and if they can drum up enough public support for it, the Republican Congress will no what they do best: nothing;

* Congress will not hold a vote on who shall be President, or will not vote to certify the election;

* The deadlocked Supreme Court cannot compel Congress to act;

* The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, becomes Acting President by default on January 20.

I don't have a crystal ball, but I am sure that we have not seen the end of this corrupt, dishonest, and illegitimate election -- things are going to get even crazier.

Paul Ryan in the White House certainly could explain the #neverTrump to pro-trump flip-flop at the tippy-top of the repug party.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Kucinich had a different take on FB: "enough of the BS about #Russia stealing the election. This is CIA & State Dept propaganda trying to legitimatize their increased hostilities towards Russia."

Anonymous said...

anon 12:43

Good point -- thanks for posting. But the primaries were rigged on the dem side and now it appears that tRump may have taken this election by hook-and-crook.

And while there was a slim possibility that Jill Stein's recount would reveal some evident, in fact the recounts were rigged by running the same ballots through the same unverifiable machines that would have miscounted (actually stole) the election in the first place!

But don't be so sure that the powers-that-be in the U.S., Russia, and international finance do not want a war -- it will dramatically raise oil prices. This will make Putin a hero in Russia and will be another form of bale-out for the oil and fracking industry.

And Bill Clinton had good working relations with the CIA going back to his days in Arkansas and I am not talking about the kind of relations he lied about not having with monica lewinski.

Claiming that the CIA and FBI stole this is not a valid statement as the 2 camps are in conflict. It was the FBI that provided the "October Surprise" this year and now it is the CIA claiming that the election was hacked by Russia -- perhaps, but such a contradiction that it appears to render this speculation rather silly.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC repported that Russia hacked the DNC, but they also hacked the RNC servers but just did not release that info to wikileks as yet. You can bet the info they have on the Republicans is far more inflammatory then any DNC leaks. Putin will be calling the shots and Repubs will be pissing thenselves to keep him happy.