Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Climate science deletion not Walkerites' 1st such scrubbing

In recent days I have pointed out two web pages put up at taxpayer expense by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources from which climate science and links to outside academic and government resources have been deleted without explanation.

These are not the only examples of obviously politicized changes to state-sponsored websites during Walker's time in office.

*  In 2013, I noted that Walker's scandal-plagued Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation deleted footage and information about the Trek bicycle company from a promotional online video touting homegrown Wisconsin business successes after former Trek company vice-president Mary Burke began campaigning against Walker in the governor's race.

At the time, Walker was the WEDC board chairman, having created the agency to replace the Department of Commerce,

*  And after Walker claimed that there had merely been a "drafting error," documents revealed by a lawsuit showed that Walker was involved in quiet state-budget writing to cut the heart from University of Wisconsin's historic, public mission statement known as "The Wisconsin Idea."

Records released Friday by Gov. Scott Walker’s office in response to a judge’s order make clear he sought controversial changes in 2015 to the University of Wisconsin System’s mission statement, known as the Wisconsin Idea. 
The office made public 82 pages of records late Friday after Dane County Judge Amy Smith said Walker’s office erroneously withheld 12 email exchanges and six of nine attachments from the public.
The Wisconsin State Journal reported on what had been deleted, including this line:
"Basic to every purpose of the system is the search for truth.”
Image result for delete key wikiIf that idea has served the UW and the people of Wisconsin for more than 100 years, then why not all of state government,? 

Or is the delete computer keyboard button our new State of Wisconsin symbol?

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Anonymous said...

I am not at all concerned about the DELETE button Walker uses. The media's "delete" button concerns me. So where is some ace reporter on the massive Walker 250,000 job fail?


And when Scott Walker's camp lied that Mary Burke was somehow guilty of plagiarism (bold-faced lie and the median that endlessly parroted this trip knew it!) POOF!


I could go on and on, but you get the point. Walker isn't creating propaganda by hitting "delete". To catapult those lies across the state takes mass media.

Call it what you want, memory hole, delete, whatever. The problem isn't Walker's delete key.