Thursday, December 15, 2016

Walker figures out new way to avoid people face-to-face

Now the Wisconsin GOP Governor who has been holding by-invitation-only 'listening sessions' across the state following his ill-fated, 71-day descent to 1% in presidential primary polling has figured out yet another way to avoid actual face-to-face discussion with state citizens by scheduling an event where he'll be patched through at random to people with landline phones.

Anything to avoid a real, unscripted and spontaneous in-person Town Hall Q & A sessions.

And random landline calls? Why not to callers who still have party lines, or phones with a hand crank?

File:Antique Wall telephone w hand crank.JPG
Meanwhile, people can access Walker's Twitter feed to see the latest in Packer garb and half-eaten steak sandwiches:


Unknown said...

Thanks James, course he doesn't give you much time to pick up , then again Id say he lucked out, no praise in this house for him, and if The phone call had woken Chuck, it would of been much worse. Scotty gets away again

nonquixote said...

Anyone on the recall black list get a call? World's biggest coward (residing in WI).

Knave Harsh said...

I did get a call but sadly did not hear it ring that evening as I had the volume on the ringer turned way down. What a hoot that would've been, too! I was so disappointed when a couple of hours later I learned he had called me. (And I did sign the recall petition! I hadn't even given that a thought either until I read your comment, nonquixote.) Scooter did leave me a nice recorded message though, which I have saved for posterity. ;-)