Monday, December 19, 2016

Here are WI plant, facility closings/layoffs data bases

[Updated] Let me post below some information about one specific plant closing in Waukesha County, and then links to bigger-picture state data bases so you can understand how phony is that "Open for Business" propaganda GOP Gov. Scott Walker installed at our state borders.

I posted an item Sunday about a Wisconsin plant closing in Waukesha County where 39 union workers will lose their jobs.
Waukesha County reliably supplies GOP Gov. Scott Walker and his pro-business party with their biggest block of votes.
But the unattractive state economy Walker has led for six years - - highlighted by now-sickly-ironic  "Open for Business" billboards at the borders, plus...
 misleading tweetsstaged pep talksbroken political promises, apparently useless trade missions and incoherent and ineffective policies managed by scandal-ridden departments - - isn't creating jobs and does nothing when companies pull out from Brillion to Madison (Oscar Mayer) to South Milwaukee (Caterpillar) to Manitowoc Crane.
And Team Walker can't even save good jobs in the heart of his base.
The facility for Walter USA, a division of a Germany-based tools company, is at N22 W23855 RidgeView Parkway West in Waukesha...
Hourly union employees are represented by District Lodge No. 10, Inernational Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO.
Note that the company being closed is owned by a German firm, which makes the PR shoved out by Walker's office last year (cited in a link above) when he made a no-politics (wink-wink) trip to Germany.
Here is a link to a Department of Workforce Development data base about plant closings and layoff notices which met certain criteria that were filed with the state as required by law.

And here is a second link with the details of more than 90, facility-by-facility, location-by-location such notices filed with the state so far this year in Wisconsin affecting more than 7,000 workers.

Consult this the next time you read a posting or story or Tweet from Scott Walker about what a jobs' success he's been.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these links, but the economic outcomes documented in these links are not glitches of the Koch agenda Scott Walker shamelessly promotes without even understanding (NOTE: He cannot speak in complete sentences and this is also an advantage for his multinational corporate backers).

And if somehow a Democratic candidate wins a future race for the Governor's mansion?

The Republicans in Wisconsin, just like in North Carolina, will enact radical unconstitutional (State & Federal) legislation to make it impossible for a Democratic Governor to govern. In their final "in-your-face" gesture to the public, just like in NC, they will create new authorities to oversee elections.

In years where there are actually elections that matter? Republicans will be in control. In the off years that the elections are not for key legislative and executive offices? They will put the Democrats in control.

GOP did not have to drop the North Carolina style "bomb", because by hook-or-crook they have maintained total control of the state. Don't kid yourself, the Republicans in NC are working off the same Koch-playbook as Walker and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of checking facts when Scottie proclaims anything, how 'bout that great propaganda piece in MJS today that claims he isn't responsible for the ongoing crisis he manufactured at Lincoln Hills, because "it was years in the making".

Good ol' Scott Walker, he cannot fail, he can only be failed and the state's media is not going to let that happen, are they!

Anonymous said...

A few you may have missed in Northern Wis. Cat sold their Prentice plant and their is only a handful of workers left there. Koch Industries shut down Georgia Pacific in Phillips. OEM shut down their plant in Phillips. I don't know the exact number but it is probably over 200 good jobs lost in Price County.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:25

Strictly speaking, you can't "miss" anything that was never available to see anyhow. Thanks for pointing out. Unfortunately, the state's media does not report on any of this so that the public knows the impact of Walker's economic agenda.

It is economic terrorism, nothing more and nothing less, more fully explained at link below:

“Economic Terrorism”: The Consequences are Poverty and Mass Unemployment

Please don't take this post as a challenge to your comment -- not meant that way. You are pointing out news that people will not see/hear in the nooooooze.

nonquixote said...

As every WI GOP federal government legislator (including Ron Kind) voted to give Obama "Fast Track Authority," to force an up or down vote on the TPP, which would have allowed member nation, corporate powers to sue individual US municipalities, counties or states of this union for "projected," losses due to environmental or labor laws reducing their potential for profiteering at will, in this country, perhaps these same GOP legislators would be in favor of, freezing the assets of any US owned or based corporate entity, and sue or extract the, "projected lost economic value," of labor (jobs) over a period of something like a decade, by the county(s) affected by plant closings due to attempted moves to cheaper labor markets in other states or countries.