Monday, December 12, 2016

Scott Walker again displays his foreign policy deficits

Foreign policy know-nothing Donald Trump apologist and GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker verbalized an oh-so-cute conflation of Russia with Scotland to insert himself in the Big Boy Battle over Trump's embrace of his not-secret campaign ally, Vladimir Putin:
Gov. Scott Walker on Monday compared possible Russian influence to help Donald Trump win the presidential election to a Scottish leader endorsing Hillary Clinton. 
“I don’t think we want any foreign government trying to influence our election,” Walker told reporters during a briefing about his trip to the Middle East last week.
For the record:

Scotland is a very, very small country with about a half-million fewer people than does Wisconsin, and 7.300 fewer nuclear weapons than does Russia.


Anonymous said...

Don't minimize all the billions of dollars spent to meet the threat posed by the Scotch Thistle! Or was it the Dutch Elm Disease?

Sue said...

"I don’t think we want any foreign government trying to influence our election"
... "cuz that's what gerrymandering, voter suppression and compliant supreme courts are for."
Why did they leave out the second half of the sentence?

Unknown said...

The comparison is like the SAT test "which one of these things is not like the other?" Perhaps that is the point Walker was trying to make (doubtful)