Friday, December 9, 2016

No wonder Trump is skipping his intelligence briefings

As Jack Nicholson might have said about the rigged election Trump just 'won' - - 
Donald Trump August 19, 2015 (cropped).jpg
- - he can't handle the truth:
Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House


Anonymous said...

He doesn't want to know the truth so that he can't be held responsible for business decisions he and his children make. Ignorance is bliss and he will claim he didn't know. Very childish. Sad.

Anonymous said...

He does not have time for these with all that p----y grabbin' and cyberbullying, which the dishonest media labels simply as "tweets". Yeah, that's it -- he tweets on twitter and spends the rest of his time grabbin' t_ts & tw-t!

Now if Pooty Poot Putin wants to send some Russian women intelligence agents for "national security" meetings, I am sure tRump will be more than happy to meet with them.

But not to go over intelligence, rather he will grab their p---ies and t_ts, cuz, you know, that is what these conservative value voters want.