Thursday, December 29, 2016

More crime guns funneled to Milwaukee via the 'burbs

When you see Milwaukee's daily crime recorded on the TV news - - 

just for the record...keep this nasty regional reality in mind - - 
A Watertown woman who repeatedly lied to buy guns for criminals has agreed to plead guilty to federal straw buyer charges... 
Milwaukee police arrested Eric D. Jackson last August after he ran from officers on the north side. As he fled, he threw away a .40-caliber Glock with an extended magazine. Police traced it to [the suburban straw buyer], who had purchased it and another gun in March from JD Rifleworks in Watertown.
- - and remember that it's nothing new, as these multiple examples show:
City-hating GOP legislator forgets suburbanites' ties to crime, guns
Just for the record. 

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