Thursday, December 29, 2016

Twitter alert: Walker flip-flop on prison visits looming

Wisconsin's place-holding GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was happy to disclose the other day that he'd never set foot in the Lincoln Hills youth detention center which has devolved on his watch into an assaultive,  dysfunctional nightmare.

In fact, he said hadn't visited any state prison during his governorship, and surely that includes the Milwaukee County Jail run by his rightwing buddy David Clarke where four deaths in a six-month span have taken place this year.

But we've learned that Walker will jet off Thursday for a quick, two-day junket to the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - - and that's where Walker could break his no-visits-to-prisons behavior because the US military maintains an infamous prison there and the photo-op optics are probably good good to turn down.

Besides, Walker might be able to see some of the very sort of terrorists he said during his 15-minute run to zero in pre-Iowa caucus polling he could defeat .

Because he'd conquered placard-toting union teachers, state retirees, and various office workers who possessed dangerous insider knowledge of such subversive tools as copy machines, state credit cards, pdf conversion software and HR manuals.

No details yet on Walker's itinerary, but there are Wisconsin MP's at the Naval Base whom Walker is to visit, so keep an eye on his Twitter feed for dramatic prison snapshots and video posted  before Walker returns Friday in time to set up Twitter pictures of game snacks and Green Bay Packers garb.

As for that State Transportation billion-dollar shortfall, the Lincoln Hills scandal, the state's crumbling roads, a stalled and weak economy and his continuing new jobs-promise fail now entering year seven?

Later for that, Bucky, because it's sunny and 88 degrees in Cuba, baby.

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Anonymous said...

Walker ain't gonna visit no prison, because if we lived under the rule-of-law, he would be locked up in one. He simply ain't gonna tempt fate and he doesn't want pics of him in prison in a suit if there is any chance there will be pics of him in prison in an orange suit.