Friday, December 9, 2016

Trump is bringing invasive species to the swamp

There is no swamp draining. There never was going to be a swamp draining. It was all a lie concealed in a talking point mouthed to gullible crowds and pundits by a master media manipulation who is adding invasive species to the swamp

by handing over entire life-and-death federal agencies to even bigger predators: the billionaire liquidator profiteer and owner of a killer coal mine at Commerce, an enemy of clean water and air atop EPA, a sexist opponent of pay raises to run Labor, a foreclosure billionaire beneficiary at Treasury and a white power devotee up from the ooze to run the White House and whisper Twitter opportunities in the boss's ear while willing second banana and GOP First Clerk Reince Priebus lines up the lobbyists for their daily feeding.

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Boathead said...

He's draining the wetlands to put up mansions, while the gov is draining wetlands with CAFOs.