Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Media spreading word about WI environment harm under Walker

Glad to see that what originated on this blog a week ago - -

More Walkerite/Orwellian censoring of WI DNR climate pages

- - being referenced by or reposted at Urban Milwaukee, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,, EcoWatch, The Wisconsin State Journal, Esquires's Charlie Pierce, Raw Story, Wisconsin Public Radio, and Wonkette so far.

The coverage gets the word out to the nation about six long years here of GOP Govenror Scott Walker's intentional damage to the DNR, weakened environmental protection, diminished public water access and rights, dismissal of the US Clean Water Act, attacks on federal clean air initiatives... 

Smoke stacks from a factory.
...and other rightwing, ideological depredations which began serving private interests at the expense of the public interest on day eight of his administration.

And which spring from one party, corporately-focused GOP rule across all three branches of Wisconsin government and which are also being aligned with the incoming Trump administration.

As Journal Sentinel reported recently

Air quality. The governor also wants the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to lift limits on smog-causing pollutants in Wisconsin counties along Lake Michigan.The limits increase costs on area utilities and industries but also cut respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.


Other Side said...

Well done, James.

Anonymous said...

This is single story that will be buried in pro-Walker propaganda within 24 hours is not "spreading word". In fact, this is how the lie of objective journalism works. In fact, the same media is pumping up Scott Walker with proclaimations that "Scott Walker to visit Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba"

Because he is such an important international figure ya know...

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Very well done, James. Walker is running so scared right now that he's leaving the mainland (at taxpayer expense, by the way).