Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New alarm over WI's deficit/pothole-plagued roads

While GOP Gov. Scott Walker - - he whose early backing for the $6.4 billion SE WI freeway system rebuild and expansion without the necessary funding in hand is the main reason the state transportation system is buried in debt and chaos - - and State GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos point blaming fingers like divorcing parents over spending sprees and unpaid bills the kids will inherit, Team Walker says the FUBAR is getting worse. 
The share of roads in poor condition will double, debt payments and the state's stream of cash for road and highway projects will barely grow, a state official told lawmakers Tuesday. 
By 2027, the share of state roads in poor condition would double to 42% while the money available to address those growing challenges would increase at only one-quarter the recent inflation rate, state Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb testified to lawmakers Tuesday.
The SE WI expansion and rebuilding includes 127 new lane miles and many wider ramps - - adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the bottom line, thus slowing down or starving completely other projects statewide and aid to local governments for road repairs which, if left unfunded, only raise local property taxes, so-called vehicle 'wheel taxes,' and motorists costs in blown tires, broken shocks and damaged axles. And nerves.

Remember, these are the same fiscal conservative phonies that are also looking for a second round of state park and trails fee increases from the people to shore up the DNR's intentionally-slashed shrinking budgets because Walker ideology diminishes public service and mission even if it means everyday folks have to pick up the tab.

So get ready for either increased vehicle and licensing fees, or gas taxes, or, more likely, deep service cuts across the board so the road-builders will get their politicos contracts and Walker can retain his phony, ideologically-and-perpetual-campaign-related 'no/never-tax-increase pledge' - - already violated in his first budget - - (though parks fees somehow don't count).

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Tess said...

Well they pay out $2500 dollars for every hound killed by wolves. Their owners knowingly (and probably on purpose)run them through DNR designated wolf areas, chasing innocent bears all summer, who are trying to put enough fat on for hibernation. We also pay the vet bills for the hounds injured. So after running through numerous pot holes, do you think if I run over a hound, Scott Walker would pay for my front end alignment?