Monday, December 19, 2016

Wannabe Havoc-Wreaker Walker again eyes DC Havoc-Wreaking

You may remember that in the waning days before his doomed 71-day Presidential run died from over-spending and under-achieving, Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker begged voters to send him to Washington to "wreak havoc" because he'd already proven he could lay waste to civility and fair play democracy on a trial run in Wisconsin.

"As if that was a good thing," snarked The Washington Post on September 10th, 2015, noting Walker's bizarre bid as recorded by a reporter from Time:

 “To wreak havoc on Washington, America needs a leader with real solutions,” Walker will say. “Political rhetoric is not enough — we need a plan of action. Actions speak louder than words. I have a plan to move this country forward. To wreak havoc on Washington, America also needs a leader who has been tested. I have been tested like no one else in this race. We passed those tests and now, I am ready to lead this exceptional country. 
Eleven days later, Walker quit the race. No havoc-wreaking for you, said the voters and Walker's donors.

Walker's dream was trumped then and later, completely, by Hurricane Donald, forcing our Governor to watch from the sidelines as local pals Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan have gotten their hands-on the sort of DC monkey-wrenching positions they all dreamed of holding since Ronald Reagan first stole their hearts, but Walker is, if nothing else, persistent at grasping and is back pitching a new path to the action:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker would support a convention led by state legislatures to amend the U.S. Constitution, he told listeners in a telephone town hall last week...
A convention of the states is one of two ways the U.S. Constitution can be amended. As laid out in Article V of the Constitution, two-thirds of the country's state legislatures can call for a convention to amend the Constitution. Any amendments passed in such a convention would then have to be ratified by three-fourths of the states to take effect...
Walker noted that supporters of an Article V Convention have said it could be used to pass a balanced-budget amendment and to impose term limits on members of Congress and the judiciary.
The US Constitution! 


Eat my dust, Ryan and Reince.

And, oh, bless those convention 'supporters' self-restrained little hearts, because as Walker knows, such an ALEC/Tea Party/white power-inspired wrecking ball convention could place anything on the havoc wreaking table - - outlawing abortion, enacting national voter ID, overturning 1st amendment protections, expelling immigrants and Muslims, ending US clean air and water oversight, and whatever else on which these federal nullifiying, states-rights constitutional conventioneers could yell "aye" as loud as they were recently heard chanting "lock her up."

Granted only six states' legislatures have officially signed on to the convention call, and the entire process to drown the US Constitution in a bathtub is a long drawn out long shot - - but take nothing for granted these days, especially because Republicans control nearly all the state legislatures they'd need to make this convention a reality.

And then...havoc, wreaked.

The same people who might reassure themselves by saying 'this could never happen here' said the same thing about Scott Walker never being able to win statewide, or once he did setting into motion the entire far-right GOP agenda, or who doubted that Donald Trump could win the GOP presidential nomination, let alone the Presidency and would dare install over Mitt Romney the CEO of ExxonMobil to serve as US Secretary of State to more easily nail down oil deals with Russia's (and Trump's BMF) Vladimir Putin.

Because they would and they could and they do.

And for Walker, talking constitutional convention is a brilliant career rightwing politician's move because it keeps his name in the media, solidifies his credentials with the extremists who sent Trump to the White House and positions Walker for a DC job should Trump's havoc-wreaking leave one position behind to which our Governor could bolt someday.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

So Gov Dropout would turn down a huge increase in highway funds from the Trump Admin because it would increase the federal deficit too much, right?

I mean, Scotty would NEVER tak those federal dollars to plug his state's $880 million DOT deficit, would he?

Seriously, how dumb and weak-minded do you have to be to still believe in this grifter?

Anonymous said...

I just saw "dopey's" letter to Trump offering his ideas as to how America could be reworked to be just like Wisconsin. Once again Walker touts Wisconsin's great fiscal situation citing a surplus after each budget cycle and our low unemployment rate and the need to drug test and put to work those needing support. Walker fails to mention the lack of living wage jobs here nor that by law the budget has to balance even though he borrows extensively and kicks the costs to future generations in each of his budgets. He avoids telling Trump that we are losing thousands of jobs as manufacturing closes down or that people are leaving the state and that we rank last in start-up businesses. You are correct Walker is not respected just feared and he will continue to seek his 15 minutes of fame by proposing constitutional changes that will absolutely destroy our democracy. It's all about "seizing and holding power".....not about what is best for the country and the majority of our people. It is purely party before country and politics before people and this is what Walker ,Ryan, Johnson and the rest of the Republican cabal arer all about!