Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trump = no grace. no class, no clue

These back-to-back Tweets reveal a man too small to do the real work of the Presidency, fix his flaws or stop his projections..

  1. Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. Love!
  2. Russians are playing and for such fools - funny to watch, they don't have a clue! totally gets it!


Betsey said...

God help us, every one.

Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't making the case for Scott Walker's "midwest nice" crap.

So just why did Wisconsin's media let a guy that admits he planned to "drop the bomb" on constituents and using "divide-and-conquer" tactics to get away with proclaiming himself to be "midwest nice"?

Oh yeah, they media's leaders endorsed Scott Walker and his radical extreme agenda throughout his political career (more accurately called a rein of terror).

Unknown said...

Get that man some chapstick . He's had is lips on Putin's as so long. He must be getting cold sores

Chris said...

Today on the editorial page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, editor David Haynes, suggests we should 'hug a journalist'. He goes on to describe 'independent reporting', implying it is the kind of reporting his newspaper does.

Sorry, Mr. Haynes, but too many times you've failed to report (on the front page of your highest circulation editions) the misdeeds and incompetencies of our governor, legislators and their supporters to have earned a hug from me. You are the watchdog that didn't bark.

nonheroicvet said...

looks like Trump will be our first openly comsymp president.

Anonymous said...

No other politician could pull a political stunt like not funding critical building improvements which directly resulted in the death of a boy!

How did Scott Walker get away with it?

Tons and tons of propaganda over years and years. Chris is going too easy on Hayes. After all, it isn't Scott Walker that is responsible for the massive amounts of propaganda that masks his talking points as news.

To disseminate that crap, you need mass media and Journal Communications, the Scripps, and now USA Today/Gannett are all-to willing to provide AT NO COST TO WALKER!

For Hayes, now part of the nation's largest fake new newspaper chains to proclail anything he is associated is "independent reporting" is such a bold-face stinky lie, that is is more proof how Wisconsin ended up with a self-admitted divide-and-conquer governor.

CG96 said...

What I find insightful is the fact that folks who were making jokes about "Romney saying Russia was a threat and how the '1980s called, they want their foreign policy back,'" have been complaining about Russian interference in US elections at present. The ones who have been saying that we should be nice to the Russians for the past three decades are now worried about Russia, Putin, et al.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, but have to call BS on this. If you want, you can pretend that no one on the "other" side had/has concerns about Russia.

It is a very different thing to say "We should be respectful to Russians (and heck, why not other nations)" than it is to say, "Gee, they are behind Donald Trump and his election" and then ask, "Doesn't that meet the definition of treason?"

Your false equivalency just does not stand up to even basic logic -- not meant as an insult, but this is a political comment board and it is appropriate to call this stuff out.