Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More foreign influences need Scott Walker's attention

Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker - - already with talking up a Canadian border wall and comparing ISIS fighters to protesting Wisconsin public employees on his permanent political record - - should have punted when he tossed out on Monday some junior staffer's conflation of Russia with Scotland - - just as he'd done on his taxpayer-paid study tour of England last year when he was in the grip of his Reaganesque Presidential fantasy.

Actually, Walker is right. No foreign influences in official business here.

So he should start at home immediately, clearing the Executive Residence of any Venetian blinds - -

- - Afghan throws, Persian rugs, bedding duvets, Parmesan cheese, Greek salad, Colombian coffee, Russian dressing, Italian shoes, General Tso's chicken leftovers and the sheet music to O Tannenbaum.

And, dear God, the china...

1 comment:

capper said...

Don't forget the most obvious thing that needs to be banned - Scotch tape!