Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pocketing America

In just a matter of days since winning through a technicality while losing the popular tally by almost three million votes, President-without-a-mandate-elect Donald Trump is corrupting on behalf of the highest levels of corporate power 240 years of America democracy.
Donald Trump August 19, 2015 (cropped).jpg
He is doing that principally by filling out a cabinet with people ignorant of, or hostile to democracy and, not surprisingly, with simpatico moguls like ExxonMobil CEO and Secretary of State-designee Rex Tillerson who has life as a taker in common with Trump.

Trump has through contacts and privilege and government-enablers and special-interest favors and intentionally-friendly laws and codes and shameless tax avoidance mooched an ungodly and disproportionately selfish share of the people's money and resources to get what he wanted for himself, his family and the Trump empire.

He used his father’s, and, later, his own, extensive political connections, and relied on a huge amount of assistance from the government and taxpayers in the form of tax breaks, grants and incentives to benefit the 15 buildings at the core of his Manhattan real estate empire. 
Since then, Mr. Trump has reaped at least $885 million in tax breaks, grants and other subsidies for luxury apartments, hotels and office buildings in New York, according to city tax, housing and finance records. The subsidies helped him lower his own costs and sell apartments at higher prices because of their reduced taxes.
Trump appointees like HUD Secretary nominee Ben Carson have no government experience, and US EPA administrator-designee Scott Pruitt is out to disable that agency on behalf of clients from Tillerson's world, but Trump and Tillerson are private-sector sophisticates who have been milking government their entire adult lives, and the next four-to-eight years will be used as a slot machine fixed to an all 7s jackpot on every try.

America's Trumps and Tillersons don't hate government. They need and use government to get their share of more, more, more.

Trump isn't going to make America great again.

As Tillerson has done in 50 countries across the globe - - with Russia the looming big prize - - Trump is going to take America again - - and pocket it. 


Anonymous said...

Winning the electoral college is a technicality? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

This fits hand and glove with Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand ideological mantra that everyone should look out for themselves and grab as much as they can and care not for the well being of others!