Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Scott Walker enjoying the poor. Again.

His video-enhanced Twitter feed propagandistically showed him serving Christmas dinner in Milwaukee:
19 hours agoEnjoyed joining thousands in Milwaukee at Christmas with Salvation Army - great event my family has been volunteering at for last 15 years!
I wonder if the people Walker served knew he'd already:

* Cut the amount of food stamp aid for recipients and is trying to implement some recipients' mandatory drug-testing:

* Cut the lifetime eligibility for W-2 (welfare replacement) by 20% to four years:

* Frozen the minimum wage in Wisconsin at the poverty-enforcing rate of $7.25/hr.

* Inserted an across-the-board, under-publicized and punitive, flat $20-per month cut in state assistance to recipients - - we're talking nutrition you could measure in gallons of milk or pounds of chicken or noodles or soup - - so they'd get busy finding a job, as I wrote in 2011:

It's right there in the budget, on page 65, in the "Health and Human Services" section (really):  
"To further encourage W-2 recipients to recognize that the goal of W-2 is for participants to secure unsubsidized employment, reduce the monthly benefit check by $20." 
* And raised three taxes on low-income residents, despite his false claim to the contrary.



Anonymous said...

And he did it all with the direct backing and shameless endorsement of virtually ALL of the state's newspaper and media. So who's really "enjoing" the poor. Again."

Anonymous said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!

You made a funny! Pokin' fun at Gov. Scott Walker and using his biggest in-state media asset to do so -- MJS!

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

The poor and needy are not invited to his gatherings around the state. If people with problems or those who are not doing well are not at his invitation only meetings to assess the state's needs then ....if he doesn't see them then there are no problems!

Sue said...

I don't follow Scooter on Twitter, but based on the few times I've checked out his tweets, it seems that most people hate-follow him. Lots of hostility to our Dear Leader. I wonder why he allows it?