Thursday, December 29, 2016

WI DNR scrubs online climate science, MN DNR goes all in

I'd blogged about the wholesale scrubbing by the Wisconsin DNR of climate science data, links and other information about climate change from its main remaining web page about climate change - - a story picked up by several other online sites - - but for comparison, take a look at how Minnesota - - our neighbor to the northwest with a very similar climate - - deals with the issue on its DNR website:

In fact, here's the page content in full:

Climate Change and Minnesota


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Anonymous said...

With Minnesota right next door................their citizens are experiencing growth economically, educationally and environmentally while we go backwards because of one little incompetent governor who is a puppet of the Koch agenda and allows ALEC to call the legislative shots in Wisconsin continuing the conservative experiment in governance that we have imposed upon us! When will the citizens of this state have had enough of backwards government. We used to have good roads, clean air and water, great public schools and family supporting jobs. We now have Walmart as our major employer.