Wednesday, December 28, 2016

About scrubbed DNR climate change page, Snopes says "true"

Happy to read that my blog posting - - and thanks also to Urban Milwaukee for reposting it - - has been validated by the fact-checking site It's a simple window into what is happening in Wisconsin - - and especially at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which Scott Walker intentionally redefined with a "chamber of commerce mentality," further diminished with science staffing cuts, and recently hinted at its breakup.

Climate Scrubbing

The Wisconsin DNR's web page was scrubbed of all uses of the word "climate" and altered to imply a lack of consensus about anthropogenic global warming in the scientific community.


Anonymous said...

Why should anyone care what Snopes says? The state's largest newspapers told me over-and-over again to vote WALKER!

Anonymous said...

Charlie Pierce on the Esquire site also has it.