Sunday, December 11, 2016

A report from the WI manure-toxified front - - Kewaunee County


Anonymous said...

What is so disingenuous about Peninsula Pride is that they have been given $250K to distribute as they fit for management practices that may be largely ineffective. The $250k was taken out DNR's federally funded grant programs in the last budget. The amount is sure to be increased in the next budget. It's a nice way for the GOP to launder federal money to their donors.

Anonymous said...

This post has different formatting and all the lines are longer on the right margin than what I can see.

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Not sure if there is a workaround for this I don't know about or if it's ???

James Rowen said...

To Anon. 8:26 p.m. I am sorry for the formatting issue. That's how it copied for me and I do not know how to realign it.

nonquixote said...

As much as the outrage against this public relations scam, "producer led watershed protection group," PPFarms could be, if held accountable for misappropriating the use of $250K, Anonymous at 2:53 has the figures wildly misconstrued.

14 producer led watershed protection groups around the state divided the initial $250K in this program instituted in the 2015-17 state budget at Walker's request, diverting money already in the budget for DATCP from other agricultural research programs.

April 2016 had PPF receive $20K and they got that same amount again in phase 2 payouts to 11 of the initial 14 recipients who qualified by a Sept 1, 2016 application deadline. This is completely bogus in regard to any watershed protection and most certainly public funding to assist polluters with a false narrative when claiming environmental stewardship. I believe the current budget funds the program through 2020 for reoccurring grant applications twice a year.

To review the origination and intent of the program, see the May 12, 2015 Joint Committee on Finance Paper #139 Producer-Led Watershed Grants [LFB 2015-17 Budget Summary: Page 60. #12]

Anonymous said...

Just got an update on Peninsula Pride. Stuff I wasn't fully aware of. The scientific and academic input is pretty high level. Wonder if they couldn't roll out an extension of their program for smaller, unregulated farms that currently have no oversight whatsoever? If we're going to fight polluters, let's fight POLLUTERS!