Saturday, December 17, 2016

Unpresidented, unprecedented and unpresidential, Trump is

You wonder how we're going to survive four-to-eight years of this madness.

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Anonymous said...

It was unprecidented to have a Wisconsin Governor that admits his agenda is to "divide-and-conquer" by dropping self-described "bombs" on the citizens he has a sworn duty to server. They got away with it here, in Michigan, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and other deep-red states. The purpose of this was to take the hijacking of democracy national.

And now we know what Wisconsin GOP would have done had Wisconsin citizens been allowed to recall their Governor or if the 2014 election would not have been thrown to Walker by irresponsible media reports that ginned up a "plagerism" faux-controversy where none existed.

By definition -- you cannot plagiarize your own work, but the media refused to tell the truth on that one. But don't take my word for it -- here's a dictionary definition:

But not a single voice anywhere in Wisconsin's media would tell the truth on this one.