Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why I was shocked by Sean Duffy's attack on Madison

US GOP Congressman Sean Duffy's attacked Madison as a city filled with communists.

That shocked me.

Sean Duffy official congressional photo.jpg
Sean Duffy is a Congressman?

The last I'd heard,  Duffy was on a reality TV show. As was Donald Trump. Is this a trend? A coincidence? More fake news?

And does Duffy know Trump is a YUGE a fan of one Vladimir Putin, a former KGB operative and Communist Party member, and who is, lo these many years later, still a fan, he says:

You know that I, like millions of Soviet citizens, over 20 million, was a member of the Communist Party of the USSR and not only was I a member of the party but I worked for almost 20 years for an organization called the Committee for State Security,” Putin said, referring to the KGB.
“I was not, as you know, a party member by necessity,” he said. “I liked Communist and socialist ideas very much and I like them still.”
And it looks like Trump is going to elevate our oligarchs, following fellow climate change denier Putin's lead.

So why would Sean Duffy bash communists when his party's leader and President-elect has a man crush on one of the last unreconstructed comsymps on the world stage.

I also noticed that Duffy now says he was poking fun:

Duffy responded on Twitter by saying “the PC crowd is humorless."
Gotta be a typo there; Duffy had to have meant that "the CP crowd is humorless" - - CP, of course, being shorthand for the Communist Party - - because have you ever seen Putin crack a smile?

Never the less, some people in Madison are really ticked off at Duffy and are calling him a McCarthyite - - a pejorative reference to a certain "Tall Gunner" Joe McCarthy, the infamous and all around vicious Fox Valley '50's red-baiting GOP Congressman.

I'm not buying that.

Tail-gunner Joe was too principled a red-baiter to have wriggled away from a name-calling fight he started by saying, in effect, 'just kidding.'

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Anonymous said...

It is hard to distinguish Sean Duffy from a reality tv pissant.