Saturday, December 10, 2016

Add "Romneyed" to the dictionary

"Romneyed" - - A person who fails to obtain a desired position because an unqualified and vindictive nemesis blocked it. A person is said to be Twice Romneyed if the nemesis successfully dangles another position before the gullible victim, then snatches it away. Synonyms - -  "played," "used," and "Trumped."
Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney


Anonymous said...

Good grief. I do not understand the point of this post, perhaps you will choose to clarity, perhaps not.

This comment is not directed to you or this post, but I feel compelled to share:

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are just as intellectually dishonest as Donald Trump! Neither has any redeeming value that should have any of us happy if either one-or-the-other becomes POTUS instead of Trump. Romney would have been a TERRIBLE person in any cabinet (is this why no repug placed him in theres?) and an absolute disaster in the WH.

He sold his VP slot to Koch puppet Paul Ryan and we would have seen the Koch agenda rolled out in Wisconsin go national. If we get Donald Trump in the White House, we still get the same Koch agenda, but this time lead my Michael Pence (arguably a bigger Koch-hack than Scott Walker and indisputably more intelligent, articulate, and without the crossed-eyes).

I have missed the point you are trying to make, but share this because I am seeing certain other self-proclaimed "progressive" sites hoot and holler that we are better off with Ryan, Romney, or Kasich! Nothing could be farther from the truth and in the end, we still get the same koch crap either way.

In fact, what bothers me even more is how this is all becoming about Donald Trump and some media outlets are even lying that there is somehow a big divide between Trump and Koch, another absolute lie. For crying-out-loud, HE PUT A KOCH STOOGE ON THE TICKET AND HAS PUBLICLY SAID THIS KOCH PUPPET WOULD BE IN CHARGE OF DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN POLICY!

Thanks for letting me post. I am getting frustrated at what I have seen at other sites all day. Nothing I have written here is directed at you.

my5cents said...

Anon Dec. 10, 7:43 p.m.

You are so right in everything you posted. I too would like to know why some people try to rationalize any of the Koch puppets as being better than any of the others. None of them truly want to do anything for the country or the people, but only for the rich and corporations. As if making them more wealthy will somehow help anyone but themselves. It is sad that many more millions cannot see that. Trump's excuse for nominating wealthy men for cabinet posts is that they have made their money and can now work on doing something for the little people. That is the biggest load of BS I have ever heard from a President or president-elect. Why aren't more people calling him out on it for what it is. His pick for Sec. of State is beyond belief. The perfect Republican for that post would have been John Huntsman since he has foreign policy experience. None of them are qualified for the jobs they have been offered. Hopefully some of them will not be approved. I'm getting off track now, so will close this post.

Anonymous said...

Koch and Exxon Mobile are connected at the hip, yet NO ONE is talking about this (yet?). This is a koch administration from top-to-bottom and their media allies have succeeded in making this all about donald trump.

Anonymous said...

Koch/Exxon Mobile:

Scientific Proof That Exxon And The Kochs Distorted The Public’s Understanding Of Climate Change

So where is the mainstream media on this? Oh yeah, they are stenographers for koch.

Anonymous said...

This is the image for "Romneyed" IMO:

Alternate definition of Romneyed: "When you realize that all that do unto others that you have been dreaming about is about to be done unto you- the guy is really all that they warned you about..."