Monday, December 5, 2016

Walker, WI GOP backwater boosters ahead of curve

The Washington Post notes that red states are headed for self-inflicted decline:
Under Trump, red states are finally going to be able to turn themselves into poor, unhealthy paradises
May I say that Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans have been hard at work doing exactly that since they took power in 2011 - - remember that Walker delights in preaching havoc wreaking as a governing style - - and it's working! 

And they had to break the rules to turn us from Progressive Wisconsin to Wreakhavocstan. 

Ponder the decline and its rotten fruit:

*  From 2014:

You could not find a stronger indicator of Wisconsin's emerging backwater status and unflinchingly callous political direction under Scott Walker than his blockade of a minimum wage increase and dismissal of the need to even have it - - while 20 other states and the District of Columbia will increase it on January 1, 2015.
* From 2015:
Ugly data show Wisconsin at cusp of zero-growth
A couple of days ago, when analyzing policies of Walkerite Republicans that make Wisconsin unattractive, I'd written:
It would not surprise me if Wisconsin's population gain slows or plateaus as a result of these punitive, small-minded and overtly hostile GOP programs, guaranteeing Wisconsin's long-term status as a low-wage, slow-to-no-new job growth entrepreneurial and lifestyle backwater.
*  Also from 2015:
Wisconsin's middle class has taken biggest US hit:
How much evidence do you need to grasp the damage our 'Midwestern nice" presidential poseur-in-chief has added to Wisconsin's stalled economy through punitive, trickle-down fiscal 'planning' - - damage he heaped on top of a national recession recovery that is bypassing the state on his watch?
Report: Wisconsin worst in nation on shrinking middle-class
Wisconsin stifled by Walker's wasted, ideological tenure
Imagine if Walker and the ideologically-driven party, perpetual campaign, stage-managed Legislature, courts, agencies and media they control had put the same energy and resources they spent cutting education, dismantling collective bargaining, obstructing wind and solar development, preventing state residents from voting or playing favorites with public assets into honestly listening to people and crafting an inclusive, expansive, forward-looking agenda.
*  And more recently, from 2016
Walker-led WI economy stalled, unattractive, reports shows
[Updated from 10/29] Well, if as Republican Gov. Scott Walker did with ideological and partisan-power retaining motivations  - - you slash the state's cornerstone UW system budget and attack its historic mission - - the very attributes which drew students and faculty to the state - - and you  neglect and degrade the state's urban centers, and Wisconsin's environmental legacy and desperately-needed and ignored transportation alternatives which attract young millennials and families and entrepreneurs - - and you intentionally diminish women's right to choose, and unfettered voting, and honest public policy approaches to clean air, fresh water and climate change - - then of course your economy and state image will stall and decay as people look elsewhere while rejecting the unappealing product you put out every day as a matter of policy and intent, a new comprehensive report confirms.
*  And since declining public health will mark the red states' decline, there is this recent Wisconsin lowlight:
Walker evades clean drinking water law


Loyal reader said...

Keep writing. I read you everyday . BUT PLEASE STOP posting Walkers picture. it is an insult to have to see that face. We all know who the monster in the room is. We do not need to be reminded of the failure of Wisconsin.

James Rowen said...

Many readers of this blog live outside of WI. And if I do not use the photo, and repost the item on Facebook, Google uses a different picture from my blog which is either a scenic lake view, or a wind farm which has zero to do with the post. Hope you will stick with it.

Boxer said...

Can you at least find and use a smaller one? A little man deserves a little picture . . . or a jerk icon.

Anonymous said...

I vote for using one of the photos where he was outdoors and was being photo-bombed. That of course brought him to tightly control appearances and to virtually eliminate public appearances.