Friday, December 2, 2016

As predicted, Walker, GOP want to limit WI recounts

I'd said in a recent post that it wouldn't take long for Wisconsin Republicans to roll back recount rights because Gov. Walker and his one-party legislative and judicial allies are all about limiting various rights in order to maintain their control and continue to reward the special interests and partisan advocates who keep Walker & Co. in power:
Gov. Walker has thrown in his ultra-partisan and self-serving two cents, blasting the recount which is allowed under state law (until Republicans restrict it in the next legislative session - - just watch)...
And as his allies are trying to block the ongoing recount of the November 8th presidential balloting, Walker weighed in with a signal, as has been his M.O., before a hammer drops, right on schedule:

Gov. Scott Walker said Friday he would consider limiting the ability of candidates to ask for recounts in Wisconsin...Walker did not provide specifics on what kind of changes to the law he would consider.

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Anonymous said...

They are hiding something. Until Voters get to see every step of the process including a hand recount of every vote cast in Wisconsin people will believe they are hiding something. If yo go to get service on you car, your Tv, on whatever and you don't get to see the old broken parts you would likely doubt that it was broken. As far as I'm concerned we (those that donated to the recount effort) are being cheated yet again. I think unless it full step by step in every single ward in the state of every single ballot it's a waste of money. Donate the money to charity. Feed some homeless, get medical care for folks without. Anything that doesn't waste the money. Wisconsin IMO it 99% total corrupt under Walker. It will be decades before we will have Wisconsin back.