Monday, July 7, 2014

"Wrong Way, Walker!" Clap, Clap...Clap, Clap Clap. Circa 2011!

File this in your "Great Minds Think Alike" folder.

I'd noted over the weekend that Scott Walker is the deserved heir to the "Wrong-Way" nickname because of Wisconsin's stalled economy and poor job-creation numbers.

You can almost hear the chant, a la "Let's Go, Brew-ers." Clap, clap...clap, clap, clap.
"Wrong-Way Wal-ker." Clap, clap...clap, clap, clap
Anyway - - after putting up the 'wrong-way' posting (I later added a specific case study, here.), a reader sent me the text of an unpublished essay he'd written in 2011. 

Same theme, same meme. Fascinating.

I'm reprinting it below:

Wrong Way Walker

Watching the Scott Walker administration job creation efforts reminds me of
William Blatty's tale of John "Wrong-Way" Goldfarb. The protagonist in this story was college football star who once ran 95 yards for a touchdown in the wrong direction.

While the Walker publicity, spin and propaganda machine funded by wealthy conservative groups such as Americans for Prosperity and the MacIver Institute make great efforts to suggest they are running up the score. The true game score from the Bureau of Labor Statics provides the real score card. The September report indicates a loss of 12,400 jobs in Wisconsin. 11,500 of those jobs were in the public sector. Wrong way Walker!

The Walker Administration turned down $810,000,000.00 in federal funds to improve Wisconsin railroads and build a high speed train to link Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago. Thousands of jobs were lost with that move. Wrong way Walker!

Scott Walker and his allies are responsible for the loss of hundreds high paying engineering, manufacturing and construction jobs associated with the shut down of Wisconsin Wind Energy projects. Five projects have been cancelled or suspended in recent months. Wrong way Walker!

Instead of working to put Wisconsin residence to work Scott Walker and his Republican allies have focused great efforts to protect their position of power by rushing through a partisan redistricting plan and rigging the election rules making it much more difficult for working people, students, elderly and poorer citizens to vote. Wrong way Walker!

Scott Walker created a crisis out of a budgetary deficit that had grown over the past 10 year. He used that manufactured crisis as an excuse to pass legislation destroying collective bargaining for state employees and then attempted to balance the budget entirely on the back of state and local government employees. At the same time he gave millions in tax cuts to industries that have already been seeing great profits. By taking money away from the middle class and giving it to the wealthy Walker has hurt the Wisconsin economy and the small business. Wrong way Walker!

The Walker Administration and its Republican allies talk allot about creating jobs but the legislation they have worked on has mostly been right wing social agenda and ALEC agenda items. Wrong way Walker!

It is time to bench this guy. Recall Wrong Way Walker.

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