Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Your Daily Dose Of Milwaukee Talk Radio Double-Standards

When bad or dangerous things happen in Milwaukee, right-wing talk radio is only too happy to use the news to stir up its more conservative, whiter suburban base.

We hear and read all about it through wide, scary lenses - - like Mayoral failures, or racial wildings, here or here, for examples.

And where are the parents is the refrain if children are involved, as the commentary and reportage gets super-judgmental and cultural, even blown up into national crisis coverage.

But when the bad behavior in the 'burbs, and children are involved?

Like the stories today about the second time in a month the same nine-year-old Washington County boy stole a car and drove his cousin around, endangering people on the roads - - and in this episode, driving the car into a ditch.

Charlie Sykes chuckled mid-morning repeating what was apparently his call screen's comment that the children were "precocious," and 'where are the parents?,' foot-stamp/foot-stamp got watered down to 'there are probably some issues there/good thing social services seem involved.'

Eugene Kane produced a brilliant piece recently about these double-standards, here.


Anonymous said...

Sykes could only find time to cry about the media being so unfair to his best buddy Scotty by being critical of his security costs. He challenged everyone as to what brought this about ...the 2011 protests and threats against the gov. What he didn't choose to mention was that this is 2014 and the costs should be diminishing not rising. He also neglected to mention that Walker's own words; "Dropped the bomb' and "Divide and conquer" didn't resonate with all Wisconsinites.

Anonymous said...

How can Sykes claim double standard? Don't both sides need a standard in order to have a double standard? Sykes has no standards.