Monday, July 28, 2014

Walker Completes Flip-Flop On Jobs Outsourcing, His Role In It

[Updated, 3:30 p.m.] I'm guessing his overnight polling is so bad that Gov. Wrong-Way now says no more state money shoveled from the state failing jobs' agency he created and chairs to businesses that send jobs overseas.

In other words, Gov. Walker is telling WEDC chairman Walker - - Hey, don't do that again - - you're making both of us look bad.

We'll see if he asks for the return of any of the money, especially from businesses which also sourced his campaign with donations.

More, here.

And you're wondering: how could he turn on a dime like this - - go from bashing Trek and Mary Burke (gone from Trek since '04-05) for outsourcing to cutting off from state funding other businesses outsourcing right now?

Two reasons:

His inner circle told him - - Look, cut your losses. It's still July. This will pass. Let's get if off the front pages and Internet. Now.

Second reason - - Walker and the Team don't believe in anything except the overnight polling and the long-term ballot-box prospects.

Principles? A track record?

Forget it.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Desperate cover-up from even more money being revealed to go from WEDC to campaign contributors....and past outsourcers.

Show me the legislation, Scotty! Or else you're all talk on this one. With this attack, you have to ask yourself how dumb does the average WisGOP think people are? Or they are for trying something that's so easy to refute and boomerang?

Anonymous said...

This clown is as slippery as quick silver. He knows he can't make his attack on Burke stick because WEDC, his agency, just gave funds to companies that out-sourced jobs but took the money and ran. He would be calling himself a hypocrite. So like he always does if he can't work within the rules; he simply changes the rules for his favor. Burke will agree with this as it is taxpayer money that shouldn't be creating jobs out of state and this is just Walker trying to hide from his jobs failure by creating a false issue. He recently stated that he wasn't opposed to outsourcing in justifying the WEDC fiasco.....and now within possibly 48 hours he gone full circle! Burke can't let him define this as an issue and if he choses to then all the corporations that fund Walker's coffers and his Republican legislators will have to address their global out-sourcing including Harley Davidson. He is so desperate to get away from his record he'll probably throw his corporate donors under the bus[wink/wink] to try and paint Burke with the outsourcing brush!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

That's what Scotty's trying to do, but the way he's flailing, it doesn't look like it's working well.

This is where Burke should emphasize the accountability angle, and the lack thereof with WEDC. Walker wants to make it a mud fight to make voters ignore his own failures, but this recent try has boomeranged badly. Heck, Channel 27 says today there were 4 more WEDC companies who received tax credits after outsourcing Wisconsin jobs.

Heck, imagine if the Journal-Sentinel was going after this story, instead of trying to downplay and ignore it!

Anonymous said...

GREAT! Now progressives and liberals stand for outsourcing to the lowest wage workers in the world! All subsidized by Americans!

Boatloads of money are not good enough for trek and others -- they need to make HUGE boatloads of money. And if it destroys the working classes' ability to raise families in dignity, well its still progressive to falsely proclaim companies have not choice.

After all -- theres MONEY to be made and who needs dirty working class folk anyhow, right?

Shameful how this election is going to play out.