Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ted Nugent, and "Vermin." A Righty Meme

Yes, Righty rocker and infamous Barack Obama insulter Ted Nugent called his Wisconsin critics "vermin."

Let's see..."vermin"...sounds familiar.

Oh, I remember. It's a dehumanizing insult favored by Righty radio hater Michael Savage, too.

Again. And, again, here.

I'd noted it on this blog back in 2007 when I was hoping that AM 620 WTMJ radio would dump (and it eventually did) the Savage show from the station's overnight slot:
Host Michael Savage is meaner and farther to the Right than Rush Limbaugh, often calling his targets "scum" and "vermin," seditious and worse. 
Maybe Nugent is a Savage savant.

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Anonymous said...

Wow-didn't know the distinguished right wing lineage of stoking the flames of hatred by using the term "vermin".

The past four years, Wisconsin's teachers have repeatedly been called "vermin" by right wing talkers Sykes, Belling, and Vicki McKenna. (along with thugs, fat lazy pigs, etc...).

Probably there is some "Guide to Demonizing People We Hate" published by ALEC that all the paid representatives (Sykes, Belling, McKenna) must follow in order to get their "consulting" fees.