Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why Does Righty Talk Radio Hammer Fast Food Workers?

If you listen to the righty morning talkers on AM 620 WTMJ, you'll catch their repetitive bashing of the McDonald's near the station on W. Capitol Dr.

Seems that there's often something wrong with the talkers' orders, or the service.

I've noted here before - - here - - and more recently here - - that right-wing talk show hosts seem to have a problem with urban or immigrant workers who apparently have been put on this earth to bring the talkers their morning radio fuel, wirh absolute perfection, from a dollar menu.

A couple of observations about the talkers' deep, unattractive elitism:

*  I don't eat burgers at McDonald's or anywhere else anymore, but I've driven through or stopped at that McDonald's for coffee many times over the years, and I've never had an unpleasant experience. I will say that it can be a busy place to stop, but I never got the feeling that people were out to serve me the wrong item, or otherwise ruin my fast-food moment.

What I do see there are people working like demons, and for low wages.

*  I've been chatting up total strangers in line or behind the counter in businesses since I was a small kid, or so my parents and grandparents told me, and I think you get back the attitude you project or the outcome you anticipate. "How you doin," or "Thank you very much" are still returned in kind.

*  One more thing. If I were McDonald's, I'd yank every dollar from Journal Broadcasting until the talkers stopped scapegoating that store.


Anonymous said...


Because if more Americans could be coerced into working for multinational corporations at a rate of pennies-a-day, we'd be in a libertarian/teabaggin' heaven.

This is the agenda that journal communications has been actively promoting for decades and as the largests in-state propaganda network, they've made boatloads of cash off these attacks on the vast majority of citizens.

Who would have thunk you can make millions of dollars attack your hometown, publishing and broadcasting hate, racism, and republican propaganda across the state?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

"Why Does Righty Talk Radio Hammer Fast Food Workers?"

Do you want the short, obvious, and appalling answer?