Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh, I See...The Walker/WEDC Outsourcing Scandal Is Expanding...

...So Hat Tip To WKOW-27 TV for revealing that more companies were getting funded by Walker's WEDC while outsourcing jobs away from Wisconsin, thus explaining Gov. Wrong-Way's complete flip on the issue and pledge to stop the funding.

Funding from an agency he created and chaired. Does he read the minutes? See the loan and tax break proposals and decisions?

As chair, does he sign them, or is he mailing it all in, literally, figuratively, ethically?

These companies are being subsidized with public dollars to send jobs overseas - - so no wonder Walker's 250,000 new jobs' pledge is stuck at 41%, and no wonder also that Wisconsin's job-creation rating has fallen to 37th, behind national trends and gains in other Great Lakes states - - though Walker's campaign treasury has grown with donations from some of these out-sourcing business's officials.

He's presiding over the removal of Wisconsin jobs, and paying his friends to do it, with our money, to boot.

A variation on pay-to-play?

What a scandal.

What a hack.


Anonymous said...

What do you call a big mouth bully who harasses with lies and distortions who when he is caught with his pant's down decides it's time to change the rules rather than look in the mirror and acknowledge that he is a hypocrite who at the very least should not be casting aspersions at others?
Answer: Scott Walker

Anonymous said...

DO you think that Wisconsinites will be so tired of this governor's constant dirty tricks and under the table dealings enough to send him down the road. If the Koch Brothers and Rove think they're going to ride the Walker horse to the presidency they're wasting all their horse feed on a nag. This guys so slippery a saddle couldn't stay on him let alone a jockey. Veterans of the media, especially the print media, I bet have never seen a Wisconsin politician this conflicted and surrounded with scandals and dirty tricks. I almost believe we are witnessing the 2nd coming of Richard Nixon!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

The buck sure doesn't stop with this guy, does it? You hit it on the head, James. An amoral social-climber who is in far over his head.

Anon 7:01- Remember that John Dean called Walker's behavior WORSE than Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin was #1 in outsourcing jobs from March 31,2013 to March 31,2014. Yes Walker it is really working but just not for Wisconsin.