Thursday, July 24, 2014

Walker's Campaign Should Get Its Training Wheels Back On

Our Wrong-Way Governor says he doesn't know if Trek is good for Wisconsin.

So what exactly does he know about Wisconsin?

Do you think the Governor of Minnesota would say the same about Honeywell?

Maybe Wrong-Way should tour Trek's world headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, and ask a few folks in town what they think of the innovative, efficient, worker-friendly, world-renown company.

Or watch the laudatory promotional video that the Walker-created-and-chaired Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, (WEDC),  posted about Trek to help draw business relocations here  - - and how much the firm loves and identifies with Wisconsin, having begun with just three employees in 1976 hand-making bikes in a barn.

To more than 1,000 employees here now, many of whom were drawn to Wisconsin by Trek and the Wisconsin lifestyle.

And, no, don't take a state plane on another of your energy-wasting short hops.


Anonymous said...

He won't do that because it's not one of his Republican friendly sites that he only visits. But he's already got the safety glasses as we've seen in soooooo many photo-ops. It's amazing that after nearly 4 years in office in which he pontificated on all his opinions about what was "Right" for Wisconsin; now that he has run the state into the hole he's no longer sure if a company employing 1000 taxpayers at a living wage is good for Wisconsin. He definitely needs a time out......out of Wisconsin for ever.

Anonymous said...

Bicycles and their riders are now associated with socialism ans UN plots in the lizard brains of the average Republican voter. Walker is just collecting on teh stoopid.

CJ said...

Oh look! There's Governor Walker's WEDC funded and job outsourcing Eaton Corporation again. I tell ya, these guys got some kinda racket going,

Unamerican. Unpatriotic. Forcing the tax burden upon small businesses and the middle class.
Give it away, give it away, give it away now...

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Perhaps that is the sort of thing a Governor SHOULD know?

Maybe he's not cut out for his job after all. I would cite the Peter Principle, but I think he has risen several stations above his competency.