Thursday, July 24, 2014

When Walker Says He Doesn't Know - - You Know He Does...

And it also means Gov. Wrong-Way has something inconvenient to hide or live down, making him sound like a 17-year-old in front of the bathroom mirror rehearsing an awkward breakup.

He's at it again, dissing the bike maker Trek with his signature, ignorance-feigning shrug of the shoulders, and carelessly (arrogantly?) calling attention to his habitual memory lapses, double-talk and signature, defining absence of credibility - - "False" is his #1 PolitiFact rating..

If he doesn't have enough information to say if Trek is good for Wisconsin - - preposterous on its face - -  then let's go to the tape and record and ask:

Why did the economic development agency he created and chairs, WEDC), laud Trek in promotional videos and print ads designed to encourage other business to relocate here?

Was Walker faking it then, or faking it now?

Spoiler alert: He's faking it now, because anything positive he says about Trek underscores the political value and business bonafides - - the very resume detail and training-for-leadership traits - - which career politician Walker lacks that held substantially by gubernatorial opponent Mary Burke, a former Trek official.

And we've seen this pattern of Walker's dissembling before - - even though it's a self-defeating personal reflex and political tactic that illuminates whatever petard Walker chooses to mount to his discredit at the time.

Caught in a contradiction or moment of embarrassment, Walker will say 'I don't know,' or 'I don't remember' - - dating back to evading responsibility for ('no knowledge of)' his messy defeat for student body president at Marquette University in 1988 - - and all the way forward to its latest iteration - - his two-faced, leadership shunning approach to same sex-marriage - - 'it doesn't matter what I think.'

After years of working to ban same-sex marriage, and finally joining the ongoing and wasteful lawsuit to reinstitute the ban struck down in Federal court, as is happening in courts all around the country.

These are all self-inflicted wounds that wouldn't encourage a CEO to think about moving or expanding in Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

The lessons for businesses considering potential relocation here is this:

If you want to donate to scott walker's criminal defense & aspirations -- you're welcome here.

Otherwise -- walker doesn't want you in Wisconsin.

MadCityVoter said...

Exactly. Most businesses have the good sense to avoid a state where the only wind blowing is the one that favors the Governor's political fortunes. Entrepreneurs, innovators and even just regular business owners have enough to worry about without adding political a$$ki$$ing to their list.

A. Wag said...

"These are all self-inflicted wounds that wouldn't encourage a CEO to think about moving or expanding in Wisconsin."

Too much bidness insecurity. . . .