Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sign Of The Times: Scott Walker, Pawn Star

I'd noted earlier today that our Wrong-Way Governor went to Ashland where he efforted to sound enthusiastic about the use of forest products for electrical power generation - - though he and his staff apparently forgot he'd killed a power plant in Madison just days after his 2011 election that was being converted to that very source.

Yes, you're welcome, for the reminder - - and here are the 2011 details.

Then, by coincidence, two readers sent interesting items, so let's bring you up-to-date:

One item sent my way became this posting about a Tea Party publication turning on Walker - - self-described in a gratuitous remark to CNN as Wisconsin's Tea Party "original" - - and the issue was, wait for it...electrical power generation.

And another reader sent this great photo from Ashland, where Walker had toured also in support of the proposed iron mine which will turn the Penokee Hills into a toxic wasteland.

The placement is priceless.


Pops said...

The sign belongs to the pawn shop owner who like Walker enjoys making a living off of other people's misery.

Anonymous said...

Pops is right but there is more.

The owner of the pawn shop is retired military collecting a monthly government pension.

The front of his shop and the side of the road is covered with "We Stand with Walker" signs.

As Pops points out he makes his living off of "other people's misery"... and a government check while supporting GOP ideology that attacked the poor.

Birds of a feather flock together. In this case a flock of Turkey Vultures