Sunday, July 27, 2014

Key Items For Your Walker/Doe 'Who-Knew-What-When' File

I'd say these tie the whole Walker/Doe/money coordination thing together.

*  About prevailing law:

Gov. Scott Walker, allies knew prevailing interpretation of state law
*  About the Walker/interest group coordination:
History Of Right-Wing Coordination For Walker Disclosed
*  About sending in the cleaners to fix the mess:
*  About excuse making:
New John Doe Or Old, Walker Will Know Nothing

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Curious you link to mjs for the sourcing that walker and company knew they were violating the law. So did mjs, and they repeatedly have endorsed him -- twice for governor.

Dan Bice's reporting is actually pretty supportive of walker too -- he is a "watchdog" reporter (not) -- sure, he's published some stories about investigations before anyone else has (and he has the resources behind him to do it).

But the overall flavor of everything at mjs is pro-walker and emphasizes the false dichotomy -- both sides do it.

While not as bad as faux news or hate-radio wtmj-am, mjs plays the lie of objective journalism as well as anyone (and so does TMJ, but in different ways for different audiences).