Friday, July 25, 2014

Only Possible Response To Latest Walker/Trek FUBAR

With Walker's ineptitude already on embarrassing display in a campaign trek to irrelevancy...and then you read this...
The Wisconsin Republican Party outsourced part of an advertisement against outsourcing jobs.
The party bought space on several billboards throughout Wisconsin criticizing Democratic gubernatorial challenger Mary Burke for outsourcing jobs to China while she was an executive at Trek Bicycle Corp., her family's business. The billboard features a picture of a coal miner, inside the shape of the state of Wisconsin, with an arrow pointing to China... 
But BuzzFeed reports that this miner is neither Wisconsinite nor Chinese immigrant — the photo is a stock image from Russian photographer Andrey Bortnikov, whose personal page identifies the miner as a current Russian citizen.
There's only one way to respond. Get yourself one of these: 

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