Friday, July 18, 2014

Cap Times Column Covers Walker's Medicaid Damage

The Cap Times editor emeritus Dave Zweifel writes "State Debate," a must-read Monday-Friday column in which he weaves together seven or eight key newspaper editorials and independent blog commentaries in a breezy, accessible narrative; today's offering included a grouping of three pieces that documented and interpreted the damage that Gov. Wrong-Way Walker's refusal of federal Medicaid dollars is inflicting on low-income Wisconsinites:
The state has finally fessed up that few low-income Wisconsinites who were thrown off Medicare by Gov. Walker's decision not to accept federal funds to expand the program didn't sign up with the health exchanges, notes Bill Kaplan in a column on WisOpinion. This is yet another reason the race between the governor and Mary Burke has become a toss-up, he believes. 
Lisa Kaiser on ExpressMilwaukee's blog, agrees. Many poor families in Wisconsin are without insurance thanks to the governor playing politics with health care. His stand not to take federal funds to expand Medicare in the state was aimed solely at his presidential ambitions, she contends. 
And Bruce Thompson on the Urban Milwaukee blog notes that the states that accepted Obamacare's Medicaid expansion have greatly reduced the number of uninsured, the Affordable Care Act's number one goal, after all.
Definitely a keeper. 

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