Friday, July 11, 2014

Head To Milwaukee Bastille Days, Toute de Suite

This is an unsolicited, ethusiastic suggestion that folks in SE Wisconsin get themselves to downtown's Milwaukee's celebration of French culture in Cathedral Square Park and its surrounding streets on the hill east of the river all weekend.

Free admission, lots of music, super people watching, multi-cultural lessons, and local history...

and great food - - French, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Cajun, Creole, plus beignets and coffee with chicory and lots of fare from local spots, like Saz's and Bartolotta's, and more.
A final note: Remember when Scott Walker stuck it to urban living and the state'ss largest city by saying he didn't want Wisconsin to become another Milwaukee?

Eat your heart out, Gov. Wrong-Way. You won't find a better representation of diverse, fun-loving humanity. 


The only thing missing is the light rail or streetcar to move the thousands of people to and from the festival, and to free up street parking for suburban visitors.

Anyway: Here are a few shots from Friday afternoon. Everything ends Sunday. It gets more crowded around dinner time and later. Don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

Can I wear my button that says, "I Walk With Walker"?

PT said...

Great pictures James.

Betsey said...

C'est vrai!