Sunday, July 27, 2014

Common Core, Uncommon Ironies

It's not an accident that Wisconsin Republican State Rep. and Congressional candidate Joe Leibman earned a "False" rating about the Common Core education issue - - wholly manufactured by an increasingly desperate Scott Walker and a handful of right-wing propagandists - - and stumbled when trying to appear farther to the right than fellow rightist state legislator and Congressional candidate Glenn Grothman in a conservative district primary August 12th.

The winner is the likely next Congressman for a long, long time; state legislators running for the office would nearly quadruple their salaries and walk off with gobs of benefits and perks, including a much better pension.

So there is a lot at stake, and risks will be taken to win the prize - - but occupying territory farther right than Glenn Grothman is factually-risky business, and certainly no place to debate and fumble education, where facts pretty much tie the whole thing together.

Final thought:

Right-wingers like Walker and Leibman have an easy time demonizing and misrepresenting to voters a plan with the word "Common" in the title.

Reaganesque/Marlboro Man/Fantasy-Self-Reliant Righties do not like the appearance, sound and implication of that word.

That's what concealed carrying and home schooling and transit bashing and survivalist planning are all about.

Maybe if the math and reading program called Common Core program had been titled Liberty Values - - since its adoption is a voluntary state action - - or Exceptional Goals, or American Core we wouldn't be having this nutty, politicized conversation by people and politicians who do not know the facts or are willing to distort them.


Anonymous said...

maybe if Big Brother wasn't keeping records on every child in America "Common wouldn't seem so controlling = Chinese government style.

Anonymous said...

I bet if we ask Walker to spell out exactly what standards he was opposed to in Common Core all that you would receive is double speak about developing our own standards and not a single truth about what is in Common Core. Indiana ended Common Core and developed their own and they turned out to be just like Common Core with a new name!

Gareth said...

Next up on the Walker agenda: water fluoridation, chem-trails and of course the Obama mind-control conspiracy to establish a new world order controlled by the Illuminati. This is kind of where his hard core base is drifting to.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Don't understate the Dems' chances in this district . Mark Harris is a known and strong candidate, and the 80%+ of that district is outside of the 262 area code. It's more moderate and swinger than you may think, and Columbia and Winnebago Counties are quite blue.

This could be a classic example of GOPs chase so many Bagger votes that they turn off everyone else. Combine that with the feeling of being one more bad Scott Walker story from the dam breaking, and I'd keep an eye on this race.

Anonymous said...

Mark Harris is an experienced politician who is viewed as someone with integrity. We may not be hearing much about him because he doesn't have a primary opponent and is saving his money for the election.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

It's more moderate and swinger than you may think