Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Even Radio Rage Can't Get Ald. Donovan Elected Milwaukee Mayor

[Updated from Monday:]

 So he's running. It'll be loud, but unsuccessful.

We'll know tomorrow if he's running for Milwaukee Mayor or dipping his toe in the water, or what, but there's no way that perpetually angry South side Alderman Bob Donovan can win a city-wide election.
Alderman Donovan

In some Milwaukee-area suburb or smaller town, maybe, but Milwaukee - - even with endless promotion for Donovan by across the AM dial by right-wing, anti-city talk radio -- -  is not going to put a GOP-watter carrier and Walker clone on steroids in the Mayor's office.


Anonymous said...

David Clarke would make a better candidate.

Anonymous said...

Here's Bob Donovans entire political philosophy:

Dear minorities and the poor,

"All social problem can be solved with more police officers and jail cells."

That is all.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

PS- I have absolutely not idea how we pay for these things and handle other services, but they sound really good to the suburban Archie Bunkers that believe my rantings.