Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pick Your Favorite Walker/WEDC FUBAR

And, yes, these are "Wrong-Way" Walker's scandals. Because he wiped out the Department of Commerce to create instead a business-friendly/public-private Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation that would cement his reputation as the corporate governor who would use a business model to prove he could open the state for business.

And by state law that he was made WEDC chair.

So he could grab all the credit when WEDC jobs rained down rain and helped him hit his now-unattainable, 250,000 job-creation-campaign-promised-FUBAR.

*  WEDC millions granted to companies that closed production in Wisconsin and sent jobs to foreign countries.

*  WEDC subsidies shoveled to Walker donors.

*  WEDC millions pledged to a speculative business in Superior that has yet to break ground, create a job or keep up with loan re-payments.

*  WEDC loan's not tracked, or made to ineligible businesses, or made for work already completed. Plus funds used for gifts and perks, detailed here.

*  WEDC's dizzying revolving senior managers' doors.

*  WEDC cited as national example of how not to run a job-creating agency.

All the above is also a legitimate answer.

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