Saturday, July 12, 2014

Walker Stars In AP Round-Up About Same-Sex Marriage Hypocrisy

Nice to see national media tracking the two-faced approach by Scott ("Wrong-Way") Walker on the marriage equity issue - - by saying thing, then doing another (unlike, for example, Chris Christie, who is not fighting same-sex marriage in court). 
Walker, like other ambitious Republican governors, is trying to strike a delicate balance.
His comments come just days after he formally appealed a federal judge's ruling striking down Wisconsin's ban on same-sex marriages, a ban he supported. But after his party's disastrous 2012 election, the Republican National Committee commissioned a report calling for more "inclusive and welcoming" tones on divisive social issues — particularly those "involving the treatment and the rights of gays." 
Walker explained his court appeal as simply as his obligation as governor to defend the state's constitution.
As I noted Thursday:
Just a few days after he'd said he had no role to play in the legality of same-sex marriage in Wisconsin. and claimed his views had no bearing on it, "Wrong-Way" Walker has come up with a new way to take Wisconsin backwards by formally asking a federal appeals court to re-institute Wisconsin's discriminatory, same-sex marriage ban. 
Details, here. 
Untrustworthy at best, devious and dishonest at worst - - in other words, par for the course.


Anonymous said...

The governor of Iowa notes that "the people of Iowa look to me to provide leadership in bringing good jobs and growing the Iowa economy".

Scott Walker won an election on a promise to add 250,000 jobs during his first term as governor. Where has his "leadership" in bringing good jobs and growing the Wisconsin economy gotten us?

Boxer said...

First, no role to play; now, there is only one role and I MUST play it. The Constitution made me do it!

For Governor Unintimidated, he sure is powerless.