Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rick Horowitz Speaks The Truth About Immigration

I'd planned to write something about my paternal grandfather Moses, or M. G.,  as we called him, because I saw similarities between his emigration to America and the arrival here of uprooted children fleeing gang and other violence in impoverished Central America.  

Eight-year-old M. G. came to America by boat in 1884 escaping Russian, Czarist-dominated Eastern Europe.

He re-joined family members who had settled in Vermont in the 1870's to escape anti-semitism, violence and forced, 25-year/death-sentence conscription into the Czar's armies.

The maternal side of my family came to America under similar circumstances from what is now the Republic of Georgia.

Then I saw Rick Horowitz's Friday evening commentary on Milwaukee public television about the current outbreak of anti-immigration paranoia in the country, and he said it all much better than could I.

Here it is.

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