Sunday, July 20, 2014

PolitiFact Exposes Item I'd Labeled Toxic

Nice to see that PolitiFact today finds little truth in a recent right-wing meme alleging Big Government favoritism towards non-English speaking workers in Green Bay.

This is the credit I gave AM 620 WTMJ righty talk radio a couple of weeks ago for inflaming local listeners when it spread the item on its air:

Thank you, 620 WTMJ talk radio, for the Sykes fill-in host from Maryland complaining on Wisconsin's biggest AM station about the immigrant who screwed up his coffee order today
Oh - - I see. It's a segue to a 24-day old story about a Green Bay company sued by the EEOC over the firing of Hispanic and Hmong workers for not being proficient in English... 
Just another day in the toxic right-wing ether sitting over Milwaukee like the chilly, foggy weather.
More about this later. 

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Max B. said...

"the toxic right-wing ether" = miasma (def.swamp gas)