Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Facing Walker Jobs Whiff, WMC Whiffs, Too

I'm surprised that the venerable Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, with all its high-paid executives and lobbyists and spinmeisters on board and on call could only apply stale lipstick to pretty-up Wrong-Way Walker after the Trek spill he's taken.

And, yes, Walker is intimately familiar with lipstick and economic development issues, as he's the one who famously brought the image into business and politics as Milwaukee County Executive.

The WMC is defending Walker by deflection, hauling out all its shop-worn tropes about the need for less regulation, fewer unions, tort reform, reduced taxes, smaller government, etc, as the way, it says, to address the outsourcing issue with which smarty-pants Walker has deflated his own campaign.

Like an outdated Vaudevillian who doesn't know that his audience has heard it all before, the WMC forgets that Walker has already given it all the favors it says it needs - - lowered taxes, tort reform, fewer regulations, a wounded, scape-goated labor movement through Act 10 and divide-and-conquer - - and still Walker's jobs-creation pledge is a failure as Wisconsin's jobs-growth ranking has fallen behind neighboring states' to 37th nationally.

The WMC is trying to confuse the conversation to help Walker escape from a campaign message mess of his own creation about jobs - - a self-inflicted wound that only calls attention to the ineffective WMC playbook that has not worked on Wrong-Way's watch.

Leaving him and his business executive allies in the ridiculous position of attacking Mary Burke and Trek, the business where she served as an executive - -  one of the state's most well-known and successful and appreciated businesses.

Formerly loved by the allegedly pro-business Walker until it got inconvenient.

More lipstick, please, makes for a rather weird political bumper sticker or state economic plan with the WMC's blessings, but if that's how the WMC wants to make its mantra and their candidate more attractive, then more lipstick, please.


Anonymous said...

Typically, the phrase is to "put lipstick on a pig". Not applicatable here -- the lipstick is being applied to a steer as in slaugherhouse.

600 jobs gone friday, Let's do the number. Even walker's biggest media asset, journal communications, currently puts the tally of jobs created during Walker's first term at 100,313.


100,313 - 600 = 99,713

250,000 - 99,713 = 150,287 jobs to go!

Gonna take a lot of lipstick to make that look good.

Anonymous said...

Between WMC and Walker they've just about worn out their talking points. Wisconsin under Walker has done all those things and the end result was no up tick in the economy and no jobs. It's about time for Robin Vos to show up and offer his wisdom as king of the popcorn business. But wait we haven't heard from Joel Kleefisch......."THANK GOD!"

Betsey said...

@ Anonymous 8:17 pm:

We haven't heard from Joel Kleefisch YET. Right now might be a good time for him to introduce some campaign-donor-inspired legislation . . . or a shooting season on a new species: flying pigs or hamsters or purse dogs.

A. Wag said...

Industrial-sized lipsticks . . .