Sunday, July 27, 2014

Glenn Grothman Could Be The Next Michele Bachmann

Wisconsin GOP State Senator and Michele Bachmann understudy Glenn Grothman has been speaking falsely about his fund-raising strength as he campaigns for a Congressional seat.

Hardly shocking, given how Grothman rolls. One item of explanation from this blog, among many is here; reports about the desultory Congressional race to replace the retiring/forced-out-by-the-Tea Party Tom Petri, (R), here and, here.

The Aug. 12th primary winner from among three safely-gerrymandered Wisconsin right-wing GOP state legislators is basically anointed the next member of Congress in a safely-gerrymandered GOP district - - at Big Government pay nearly quadruple Wisconsin's paltry offering.

$174,000 per year and perk-filled goody bags bigger than what Oscar nominees lug home will buy a lot of tea, Right?

So "US Congressman Glenn Grothman" is a real possibility, preposterous as that sounds, though since the US House of Representatives is so deeply devalued and dysfunctional, Grothman would fit Right in and feel Right at home.

As Charlie Sykes says, Grothman is a "warrior" for conservative issues, with unmatched "depths."

And with Bachmann departing, Grothman could fill her shoes, inherit her go-to Fox News slot and be a one-two Punch-and-Judy letter "G" tea partying voting bloc with Texas fringemeister Louis Gohmert.

Don't laugh: Gohmert and Grothman have plenty in common.

Take, for example, Gohmert's interest in certain lizards and insects, along with Grothman's obsession with snakes.

Vipers, too - - though as he did with the fund-raising example in our morning lede, above, Grothman got that one wrong and spoke falsely about it, too - - so people of the 6th Congressional District:

You've been warned.

One potential downside to a Grothman ascension to real power: Bridge repairs nationwide would take a budget hit if Caulk-Happy Glenn gets a seat on the House Transportation Committee.


Laurette McGovern said...

"Unmatched depths"

I couldn't have put it better myself

Anonymous said...

How about "counter-balance"?