Monday, July 28, 2014

One Question For The M-7 On Advocacy For SE WI Jobs

The seven-county regional public-private group says no jobs should be left on the table.

Good point.

I don't recall hearing anything from the group about losing years of Amtrak work, the Talgo-train assembly factory in a hard-hit Milwaukee neighborhood, and all the spin-off employment and development swept off the table when Wrong-Way Scott Walker blocked $810 million in federal Madison-Milwaukee Amtrak rail construction that was already underway in 2009-2010.

A detailed, archived account of what was the loss of an entire new industry here with future growth benefits, here.

Separately, here are links to statements and rationales offered by a Milwaukee business leader, Walker backer and M-7 mover-and-shaker who denigrated the Madison-Milwaukee train project after Milwaukee business leaders at an M-7 meeting initially helped laud and introduce the train line.

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