Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Even To The Tea Party, Walker Is 'Wrong-Way' Governor

The worst Governor in the country, and certainly in Wisconsin's history, is now being attacked on a Tea Party site for blocking citizens' right to choose - - in this case, how they obtain their electrical power - - and siding with big utilities who want new fees imposed with state government authorization on home solar generation.

If there is a bottom to Walker's term, this might be it: 
But Gov. Walker’s Public Utilities Commission (two of the three commissioners are his appointees) is backing the utilities. He needs to pull his commissioners aside and explain to them that if they expect to be reappointed, they should listen to what the public wants — the freedom to generate their own power.
I take to this space to plead with Gov. Walker as a long-time, staunch supporter of his (and someone who believes he should run for president against Hillary Clinton in 2016):  
Do not abandon your central conservative principle. The right to choose —in this case, to allow citizens to decide how to get their electricity —is central to this country’s founding principles, to which I know you are devoted. Gov. Walker, as one of the Republican Party’s true rising stars, stand with your constituents and oppose the utilities’attempts to protect their monopolies.


James Rowen said...

A reader sends this:

This also happened in Georgia and Arizona when regulators or legislators tried to make similar changes. AZ passed a fee but much smaller than first proposed. In Georgia, a Koch brothers bill that would have repealed "net metering" was defeated by a coalition of environmental and Tea party groups.

Max B. said...

If you live long enough, you'll eventually see the nexus between diametric opposites: the tea party and environmentalists, in this case.
I can go in peace now.