Monday, July 14, 2014

Why You Should Support The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Here's but a snippet from a WDC email update today:

Corporate welfare recipients who outsourced jobs give liberally to Walker

After the local ABC affiliate in Madison aired an investigative report showing that several companies that received taxpayer-funded subsidies from the embattled economic development office created by Governor Scott Walker to create employment and then outsourced jobs overseas, the Democracy Campaign helped tell the rest of the story by bringing to light tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to the governor from executives of the companies.

In the most recent post on our blog, WDC research director Michael Buelow spotlighted another deal in the works to turn some state park land that includes sensitive wetlands into a golf course. The project is being pushed by the Kohler Company, whose president is a major donor to Walker, and needs a green light from the state Department of Natural Resources.

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